29 January - 4 February 2018, Moscow


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Alfa release of DeepPavlov

Congratulations for the winner of our hackathon
Lost in Translation
Topics we cover
Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Machine Translation
Deep Learning Algorithms
The main goal of hackathon is semi-supervised Machine Translation: Machine Translation which makes use not only from (often scarce) parallel data, but also from (potentially unlimited) untranslated texts in source and target languages. The participants will need to train an MT model on a very small parallel corpus and boost its performance using monolingual non-parallel data.

Confirmed speakers
Kyunghyun Cho
Andre Martins
Maja Popovic
Ruslan Salakhutdinov
Serge Sharoff
Maxim Khalilov
Romain Paulus
Illia Polosukhin
Maksim Kretov
Eduard Klyshinsky
Кonstantin Anisimovich
We are in a really early Alfa release. You have to be ready for hard adventures.

An open source library
for building end-to-end dialog systems
and training chatbots

Poster session
School program
Monday, January 29
Saturday, February 3
Drafting of posters and presentations of solutions

Sunday, February 4
Olga Gureenkova


DeepPavlov 0.0.1 Hard Adventures

An open source library for building end-to-end dialog systems and training chatbots.


Poster session
Announcement of results and awarding the hackathon winners
Closing reception

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Mail: info@deephack.me

Looking forward for next #deephack hackathons
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