29 January - 4 February 2018, Moscow
What is DeepHack?
А 24/7 week-long sci-hack school with the goal to solve fundamental problems of AI
Topics we cover
Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Machine Translation
Deep Learning Algorithms
The main goal of hackathon is semi-supervised Machine Translation: Machine Translation which makes use not only from (often scarce) parallel data, but also from (potentially unlimited) untranslated texts in source and target languages. The participants will need to train an MT model on a very small parallel corpus and boost its performance using monolingual non-parallel data.

Confirmed speakers
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1st December, 2017
1st December, 2017
Registration is open
Registered teams are allowed to submit applications and solutions for the Qualification Round
8th January, 2018
8th January, 2018
Qualification Round is closed
9th January, 2018
9th January, 2018
Notification of acceptance.
Top of 50 participants are selected
29th January - 4th February, 2018
29th January - 4th February, 2018
А 24/7 week-long sci-hack school

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Address: Institutskiy per., 9, Dolgoprudnyy, 141701
Mail: info@deephack.me

Meet our team
Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab
Michael Burtsev
Olga Kairova
Varvara Logacheva
Valentin Malykh
Darya Moroz
Darya Bobkova
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